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Learn about our packages.

Athenaeum has put together 4 well-rounded packages for readers of all backgrounds and interests. Feel free to join one of our membership programs. Or, if commitment just isn't your style, come by and browse until you find something you like! 


$24.99/Month-Our most popular plan!

Just Gimme Books!


What Do You Get?

This membership gives you the option to 'check-out' up to 3  books per month from The Library. Keep each book  for a couple of weeks, then come back and try another! Or, decide you love the book enough to go ahead and purchase it directly through our interactive app. Don't worry about bringing it back, the book now belongs to you!  

Hang out and have a drink in-store while enjoying your new finds, or head straight home to dive into the story of a lifetime!


$49.99/ Month

Read. Enjoy.


This membership gives book-lovers a little more roam to roam. Members are now able to checkout 5 books per month from the library as well as reserve books in 24-hour blocks. Members are encouraged to imbibe, as we offer them one glass of their favorite wine per month, on us!




At Athenaeum, we encourage you to have it all. With our most inclusive package, you will. Enjoy a cigar in the members-only lounge that you have your own key fob for. Have a top-shelf drink while enjoying discussion with your fellow members. Reserve the conference room for workday meetings and personal rendezvous; Live it up. We'll help you!


At a price of $124.99/month, you're able to live like a roman king in the middle of downtown, while still being able to get dinner when you leave. Life is good!



Little Roman Readers

Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about our little Roman Readers! Choose this plan to give readers from age  2-15 access to our library!

Checkout 2 books per month for the little ones and give them their own sign-in for the in-store tablets so that you can browse while they play!